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Could HR Software Be Manufacturing's Big Problem Solver?

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Could HR Software Be Manufacturing's Big Problem Solver?

April 26, 2016 Mike Erlin

The Manufacturing industry is facing HR problems unlike any they've faced before. According to research done by Deloitte, in 2016 Australia has declined from the 16th to the 21st most competitive country in the manufacturing industry. The leading causes for this decline are a lack of focus on workforce development, cost competitiveness and productivity. In order for Australian manufacturing companies to stay competitive they will need to use the right LMS solutions to keep their workforce compliant and insightful HR tools to keep their talent management costs low and productivity high.

Staying Compliant with Compliance Tracking Software

Compliance guidelines are constantly evolving. So how do manufacturers keep pace when they're bleeding skilled workers? In the old days, they'd simply delegate extra training workloads to middle management. Unfortunately, such approaches fall short when the entire company needs to get up to speed with new standards.

Safety training software that incorporates learning-management functionality keeps valuable team members moving in step. By delivering targeted training, these tools impart lessons that satisfy complex regulatory guidelines and certification objectives.

Because solutions like Cornerstone include observation checklist functionality, leaders gain the freedom to assign qualified staff on a case-by-case basis and avoid noncompliance. Cornerstone Performance tools also make it easy to peek in on lesson progress at will and gain insights into training ROI.

Stay Profitable with Performance Tracking Software

Smart manufacturers use quality-management systems to oversee processes and produce profitable results. The best take a similarly-organised approach to managing employees.

According to experts, internationally-accepted frameworks, like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, focus on "eliminating defects through fundamental process knowledge," and "getting all levels of an organisation involved." Naturally, software that sheds insights into how personnel oversight impacts other business processes is extremely valuable. By giving managers access to mobile reports on employees’ skills, goals and performance it is easier to connect real-world examples of waste in existing policies and enact smarter decisions.

Recruiting for Manufacturing – Made Easier

Manufacturing jobs are often portrayed as less than glamorous, but such portrayals aren't chiselled in stone. These positions afford candidates amazing opportunities to gain skills and touch the lives of others with what they build, and it's incumbent upon employers to communicate such realities. Cornerstone recruiting software goes a long way by letting them:

  • Implement branded career sites
  • Introduce prospective employees to a culture of caring HR management
  • Improve the ease of dealing with paperwork with application tracking software
  • Help prospects picture themselves in the organisation by acclimating them to the tools used for routine oversight.

The Future of Manufacturing Management

Going forward, manufacturers must bear in mind that they can no longer afford to focus solely on specific products or limited processes. Today's companies increasingly have to engage with clients or the public, manage supply chains and master an array of other non-manufacturing tasks.

Manufacturing success demands a cohesive corporate culture that keeps workers inspired to fulfill a collective mission. As steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal once said, "When people can see which direction the leaders are going in, it becomes easier to motivate them." Discover how Cornerstone for Manufacturing makes it simple to connect organisations and rally workforces around common goals.

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