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Inspire Employees with Collaborative Learning


Inspire Employees with Collaborative Learning

April 28, 2016 Mike Erlin

Current training and development methods used in modern organisations are outmoded. They are based on traditional assumptions that participants play a passive role in the learning process. However, today's workplace demands collective learning strategies to impart new ideas in a learner-focused experience.

What is Collaborative Learning?                                  

Collaborative learning revolves around the concept of learning as a constructive and dynamic process. Learners do not simply pick up new ideas; they are challenged to take new information and create new ideas with it. Instead of a coach-led process, learners engage with the materials, explore the concepts from their perspective and find applications of the concept based on their own experiences.

This strategy is particularly valuable in employee training and development as it emphasises the role of learning and development experts in facilitating communications and organisational interaction. The strategy involves capitalising on the various phases of learning to create a unified approach.

Goals of Collective Learning Strategies

Applying various tools and methods including the use of collaborative learning software, this learning strategy is geared toward cohesive learning that is efficient and productive from the point of view of leaders and professional talents. The process aims to:

  • Identify staff with distinctive potential as leaders, and provide the necessary support to prepare them for a significant role in leadership succession.
  • Support employees' developmental growth by creating opportunities to strengthen their leadership skills using cohorts.
  • Learning and development experts become curators, consultants and experts in knowledge building instead of mere facilitators.
  • Encourage and support cross-functional teaching and learning strategies.
  • Apply social learning tools to for better communication across employees and departments.

Inspiring Employee Participation

Collaboration is key to productive interaction in organisations. Aided by collaborative learning software, organisations can inspire employees to take a more significant and proactive role in expanding their professional growth. Motivated individuals develop a need for lifelong learning regardless of their stage in life. Encourage these individuals by giving them opportunities to participate more actively in their training processes and aiding other workers in their progress.

This organisational learning strategy emphasises true engagement with materials, processes and interactive systems, ensuring a better outcome for participants. The traditional passive approach to learning and development fails to tap into the individuals' creative potential while the collaborative approach demands critical and analytical thinking. Collaborative strategies in learning and development enhance organisational effectiveness by turning the process into an employee-driven but leadership-guided process. Learners have a bigger stake in their own success, and the feedback system is entrenched in the process itself.

Making the most of the Sharing and Social Environment

Cornerstone's talent management software can include a social LMS that highlights the values and strategies of collaborative efforts in talent development and organisational communication. Employees learn new ideas more efficiently and retain the knowledge much better when they are given enough support to engage with new ideas in their own way. Retention improves 75 percent when individuals are given enough leeway to learn new ideas based on their own learning process. Executives are encouraged to be part of the process by engaging with the materials and participants whenever it is appropriate to do so.

A unified approach to learning fosters a culture of innovation and creation where employees are active participants in a process that values their individual potential. Use technology to support collaborative strategies in training and development efforts to align with organisational objectives to maximise the impact of corporate learning systems.

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