Cornerstone for K-12

Recruit, Develop & Retain Teachers, Leaders & Staff

Transforming how education organizations hire, develop, and retain teachers, leaders, and staff to increase educational outcomes.


Alarming teacher retention rates are posing great risk to ensuring quality education across the nation. Currently, retention rates hover around 30%, and statistics suggest another 50% of all new teachers will leave the profession in their first five years of service. Facing such a staggering loss, district leaders must proactively intervene to prevent the negative impact of teacher shortages on staff, resources, and ultimately student achievement. It’s time for education leaders to invest in modern and effective approaches to hiring, developing, and retaining the very best educators and staff.

Cornerstone for K-12 Education delivers unified talent management technology, services and content for education organizations to seamlessly invest in their teachers and staff and attain maximum results. Automating crucial processes for recruitment, professional development, and performance management finally makes scalable cultivation and retention of great teachers and staff possible, contributing to the best educational experience for students.

With Cornerstone for K-12 Education you can:

  • Recruit the best talent for key leadership and district staff roles
  • Deliver targeted and personalized professional development to everyone
  • Manage evaluation and performance metrics for all educators and staff
  • Monitor compliance through an automated and accurate reporting platform
  • Streamline and increase transparency in the teacher observation process

Cornerstone for K-12 Solutions

Unified Talent Management for K-12

Teacher Preparedness & Professional Development: Cornerstone’s extensive experience in learning empowers the most effective and proven way for districts to deliver professional development. Cornerstone Learning delivers the targeted development opportunities to increase effectiveness and better support, and enable, student achievement.

  • Track required compliance training or continuing education credits for certificate renewals.
  • Deliver individualized development and training through various effective approaches including; instructor led, e-learning, mobile learning, videos, documents and virtual classes.
  • Make course and content materials accessible beyond required training and compliance times for true development purposes.
  • Leverage rich content bundles that address key K-12 education needs for compliance and development training.
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