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Compensation Software for a More Competitive Financial Company

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Compensation Software for a More Competitive Financial Company

November 30, 2016 Mike Erlin

Remaining competitive in the changing financial sector requires a team of employees with strong skill sets and the dedication to remain with your company in the long term. A compensation strategy offering performance incentives based on achievements and growth can help attract and retain key team members.

The Basics of Compensation Management

How your company allocates pay and rewards based on employee performance is known as a compensation strategy. Salaries and rewards are distributed according to your company’s budget and based on what people with similar skills are being offered across the industry. Creating a fair plan requires:

  • Identifying the employees showing the most talent and growth
  • Offering proper training to close skill gaps
  • Using performance appraisal software to monitor talent across the organisation

The right software solution is a critical part of your plan. Unless you have a way to track each team member throughout the employment life cycle, it’s hard to get a clear picture of who’s earning rewards and who needs help moving toward personal and professional goals.

Simplify Your Compensation Strategy

Compensation software streamlines the performance tracking process and reduces the chance of human error when allocating incentives. Using a dashboard with in-depth reporting, it’s easy to identify key skill sets, assign relevant educational modules, develop important talents and establish a pay structure to reward top performers.

Why Pay for Performance?

The Australian financial sector has remained strong in the face of changes, and fiscal organisations need to recruit the most talented employees possible to maintain this strength.

Setting performance goals and rewarding those who meet them gives your team something tangible to work toward. Instead of coming in, slogging mechanically through set jobs and going home, each day becomes a chance to learn more and improve important skills. As employees master critical tasks and meet company goals, your entire organisation becomes more profitable and productive.

It’s important to ensure employees with emerging skills aren’t left out of the incentive model. Everyone in the organisation has something to offer, and providing training as part of your compensation plan can help them reach their full potential.

Better Salary Planning with Software Solutions

Choosing performance appraisal software to monitor and track your team means looking for the solution best suited to your company’s goals. The more employees you have, the harder it is to follow and reward their achievements without a comprehensive solution in place.

Cornerstone Compensation provides a suite of tools to simplify compensation management and improve performance across your organisation. With Cornerstone, you can:

  • Easily monitor employee achievements
  • Get continual performance feedback
  • Automate the compensation process
  • Create and implement a pay for performance budget
  • Integrate information with other education and management platforms

By monitoring employee performance daily, you gain a better understanding of how talent is distributed throughout your company and how to leverage resources for future growth. Implementing a performance-based compensation plan incentivises employees, promotes productivity and improves retention to ensure your organisation remains strong in a competitive industry.

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