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Onboarding Process Essentials

April 14, 2016 Mike Erlin

Helping new staff evolve from highly-skilled individuals into effective team members is tough. There's no universal secret to implementing an impactful onboarding process, so each enterprise has to devise and institute techniques that suit their unique workforces. Not every entity succeeds.

Don't think onboarding is important? The way companies manage employee lifecycles ultimately decides the effectiveness of their entire workforce.

Is There a Culture of Employee Onboarding Deficiency?

Unfortunately, far too many businesses default to neglecting employee onboarding. For instance, McGill University research reveals that the vast majority of recent graduates think their companies could do way better. Only 31 percent say organisations actually integrate new hires correctly.

True, most onboarding processes aren't complete disasters. Nonetheless, dismal figures like the previous statistic and the fact that around 25 percent of the workforce transitions jobs annually suggest companies should adopt proactive approaches to optimising their HR strategies.

Key Stages of an Effective Onboarding Process

No two onboarding methodologies are alike. Adapt the following ideas to create effective employee management practises.

New Employee Set Up

Throwing a new worker into the fray without a lifeline doesn't exactly inspire confidence in leadership or foster workplace efficiency. Be sure to:

  • Break the ice by introducing new hires to their teams. Workplace collaboration tools Cornerstone Connect make it much easier to help people find their places in the chain of command and become accustomed to relying on established support networks.
  • Familiarise new staff with the tools and resources they need to work. Cornerstone's Onboarding increases immediate productivity and helps soothe growing pains.
  • Tour the office together. In addition to helping people get to know the local environs, these little walkthroughs may provide employers with fresh perspectives.

Complete Essential HR Paperwork

As employment experts at Forbes note, paperwork can be intimidating. Instead of potentially souring relations with promising new hires, acclimate each individual by taking a personalised approach.

Cornerstone uses custom welcome pages and personal hubs to engage workers so that they know they have a place of their own within the broader organisation. Centralised onboarding software hubs also help new staff complete forms, manage training, connect with coworkers and feel in control of their career development.

Disseminate Goals and Messaging

A good employee onboarding process introduces people to corporate cultures as well as their coworkers. Leverage employee onboarding software to:

  • Reveal history lessons and origin stories that share past insights with new workers,
  • Introduce key organisational figures
  • Show hires how their work supports the company’s general mission and give them obtainable goals.

Tying the Employee Onboarding Process Together

Finally, remember to address each new hire's future. Clue fresh workers in on the employee lifecycle so that they know when to expect checkups and what kind of milestones they should aim for.

Smart employers discuss each employee's personal goals and review how they can gain the career skills to attain them. This is a great way to convince people they've joined a team that cares about their welfare, and there's no better way to foster lasting motivation. Make sure that employees undertand that how their personal goals contribute to the company's overall direction. Let them know that their contributions will help the company as a whole succeed. If you can attach big picture perspective to each individual goal employees will feel a greater attachment to their contribution and more motivation to help their company succeed. 

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