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Improving Workforce Efficiencies for State & Local Government Employees

Cornerstone OnDemand is FedRAMP authorized, which reaffirms our commitment to ensuring a secure environment for U.S. government clients looking to recruit, train, manage and connect employees.

State & Local

The Human Capital Institute reports that 60 percent of the government workforce and 90 percent of its senior leadership are currently eligible to retire. Along with managing this transitional workforce, state and local government agencies and specialty municipalities are increasingly driven to improve operational efficiencies, share information, and integrate processes across operational and jurisdictional boundaries. Many government organizations are tied to expensive legacy technologies that don't adapt to modern needs. It’s time to leverage cloud-based technology to effectively manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle of the government employee base.

Cornerstone for State and Local Government provides agencies with the resources they need to develop and deliver an effective talent strategy. With Cornerstone OnDemand, agencies can better achieve their missions and deliver more effective programs while improving organizational and employee performance. And with multi-generational workers blending together, there has never been a more important time for government agencies to get strategic about the workforce.

With Cornerstone for State & Local Government you can:

  • Attract, recruit, and onboard a new generation of employees
  • Identify high-potential employees, future leaders, and skills gaps
  • Drive performance to deliver excellent constituent service
  • Deliver professional development and training programs
  • Engage external constituents through extended learning capabilities

Cornerstone for Government Solutions

Unified Talent Management for State & Local Government

Cornerstone OnDemand’s technology and services move State and Local organizations beyond just meeting today’s needs, to developing long-term, sustainable, successful and productive workforces. Cornerstone partners with agencies to deliver programs and solutions that help agencies understand the skills, knowledge and abilities that each employee possesses so they may easily and effectively align organizational talent to mission requirements; execute training and learning initiatives to address any skills gaps; and measure and manage performance against mission requirements.

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